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The foundation of our Vinegar Manufacture in 2010 resulted from a whole bunch of fortunate as well as unfortunate circumstances.

On one hand, on the farm of Franz and Hilda, for centuries, selling the milk from their cows permitted the whole family to gain a full income by farming. The changing economical conditions over the last years, especially in the latest months, forced our multigenerational farm quite severe to look for other alternatives.

Since the beginning of Franz´s education to an agricultural skilled worker, the fruits of the old meadow orchards were used to create wonderful Fruit Brandys (Plum, Pear, Domestic Prune Plum and Apple Distillates). With help from his wife (which is a agricultural journeyman) apple juice, apple and pear cider, stewed fruits, pickles, jams and much more got produced.

The learned and through the years of practice in these areas aquired knowledge about herbs, vegetables and fruit processing is one of the essential and main pillars for the professional production of our vinegar specialities.

On the other hand, the speed and the immense pressure of time in our modern life led the daughter Beate und the son-in-law Thomas independently from each other in a deep Burnout – Syndrom, which caused a number of long lasting in patient-stays in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Today, both are still not able to work in their learned profession again. So the production of vinegar is an oppertunity to match their recreation time, beeing a part of nature again and enjoy the interaction with it, also their hobby and the pleasure of tasting natural growing products. Thomas grow up on a small of his parents farm in Carinthia, where he already produced some Vinegar Specialities (e.g. Strawberry and Currants Vinegars) for the exclusive cuisine in the 80´s. Therefore experience in the field of vinegar production was already present.

Thomas in his pre-life was working as a leading scientist in cutting-edge research. His knowledge out of his both disciplines of study (physics and chemistry) is today very helpful in the production process of the vinegars as well as the construction of manufacturing and processing parts for the manufacture.

Beate loves beeing in interaction with people, so in many cases she stays in contact with customers and suppliers and helps in correpondences. As former Intensive Care Nurse she is responsible for the workplace hygiene and the documentation throughout the path of production.

Very helpful knowledge about wild herbs and fruits is provided through the assistance of the herbal educationalist, nature guide and FNL lecturer Amalia Schaffer (Thomas´ mother).


Beate Oswald and Dr. Thomas SchafferHilda and Franz Oswald / Parents of Beate

left Beate Oswald and Dr. Thomas Schaffer, right Hilda and Franz Oswald