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Top quality, sun-ripened and nothing but fresh ingredients growing in assured pristine, rural meadow orchards, woods and greenfields, as well as in back gardens of the styrian natural park region Almenland refine our vinegar specialities to a real enjoyment in life.

In our wide variety of vinegars, we have different types of them, defined by the way they are produced. These vinegars are called Pure Fruit Vinegars (produced from one single type of fruit) and infused vinegars. All the infused vinegars are based on Apple Cider Vinegar. Together with a certain kind of fruit (only whole fruits, NO added juice, NO fresh or frozen fruit pulp or even fruit concentrates) our Apple Cider Vinegar mellows to a Whole Fruit Vinegars with complex flavours. Using spices and herbs or different types of blossoms we ennoble our base vinegars to Herb, Spice and Blossom Vinegars by means of old, traditional, newly adopted and innovatively developed recepies.

A special type of Whole Fruit Vinegars is represented by our group of Drinking Vinegars - one of our particular specialities. These vinegars are characterized by their sweetness, specific taste and full-flavoured roundness.

Due to the fact we only use indredients in their natural states, it is therfore possible that colour and flavour can differ slightly from one production batch to another. This can be considered a particular quality feature, which is possible to change over time when the vinegar gets stored. As result of our natural way of production it is common to find sinking sediments on the bottom of our vinegar bottles.



The different Types of Vinegars of the Vinegar Manufacture Oswald / Schaffer