Our Product PhilosophyUnsere Produktphilosophie - Deutsch


For gaining the real „Pleasure of Life“ within our products, it is essential for us, that the origin and quality of the fruits, herbs and all other ingredients used in the production of our Vinegar Specialities is able to be verified and checked at any time and each point of the production process.

Therefore in our Vinegar Manufacture we ONLY use regional products from our immideate sourroundings. Our raw materials are naturally grown, produced according to time-honored traditions, harvested by hand, as well as controlled manually piece by piece.

We solely use old local Styrian fruit sorts grown in meadow orchards. These old sorts are grown in our own meadow orchards, as well as in certain selected meadow orchards from other farmes like we are exclusively in the Natural Park Community of Koglhof. Since the beginning of 2015 this former independent community only exists as cadastral district of the Market Community of Birkfeld any more. Within our area of influence we sustain the re-cultivation of  old, local Styrian types of apple trees and enhance the bio-diversity in the regions Almenland and Joglland. The vegetables, berries, blossoms and herbs are grown in our house garden.

Because we always use fresh herbs and mature friuts, it is possible that it can come to some fluctiations in the availability of some types of vinegar, due to seasonal effects.

We particularly forbear the Ultrafine-Filtration of our vinegars during the last step of production, right before the filling of the bottles.  So it can be proofed, that all the ingredients of the herbs or fruits are still present in our end product. Also we DO NOT use any animal-like products in or during our production (e.g. gelatine for purification purposes), that´s why our vinegar specialities are assured suitable for a vegan way of life (100% guaranteed vegan).

With our product philosophy, together with our way of production we fulfill the strict regulations of the Austrian and Styrian Chamber of Agriculture for the merchandising of our products under the quality label of „Gutes vom Bauernhof“. With this reviewing certification it is possible for us to be a partner of the Natural Park Almenland and to gain the quality label of Almenland Specialities. Further we also meet the strict criteria of the reviewing quality labels Gutes aus meiner Region, Genussregion Oststeirischer Apfel and the Genussregion Pöllauer Hirschbirne g.U.of the Genussregion Österreich society.