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2015, after a break of one year, we decided to submit three different sorts of our vinegars to the Goldene Birne Award 2015 this time. Patiently and full of expectations we are waitung for the results in the first week of March....


Apple Cider – Blackthorne VinegarApple Cider – Strawberry Vinegar


     2nd rank                        3rd rank                           

Silver Pear for our Apple Cider – Blackthorne Vinegar Bronze Pear for our Apple Cider – Strawberry Vinegar


And now, here are the results...

In 2015 our Drinking Vinegar Type Apple Cider - Blackthorne Vinegar won the excellent 2nd place in the segment of fermentation vinegars. Also our Apple Cider - Strawberry Vinegar could win the very good 3rd place in the same segment.

As we know that our Apple Cider - Blackthorne vinegar missed the first place just for one single judgement point, we recognised, that only slightest nuances of taste sometimes makes the difference between winning and gaining a second place. Nevertheless we are again very proud of our results this year - but in next year we will try once more to reach one or even more additional points from the jury maybe...





Alpen-Adria-Award 2015


Now we also know the results of the Alpen-Adria-Award 2015. At long last in the year 2015 we again were able to accomplish the highest commendation in Gold for our Apple Cider - Thyme Vinegar at this degustatuion award...

The jury were fond of this vinegar speciality, one of the more distinct tasting vinegar from the group of our  Herb Vinegars was .

Also our Apple Cider – Raspberry Vinegar, a very dezent and delightful sort out of the group of our Fruit Vinegars was able to reach a Silbermedal.

So again, this year we are very proud of these results. We could win two awards providing just this two Types of Vinegars at the degustation.




Essig Award 2015


On a regular basis, the GENUSS.magazin is organising the Essig Award. In 2015 we contributed the first time providing three vinegars for the degustation.

In the category of fruit vinegars we could attain some very good ranks with three o our vinegars.

Our local speciality, the Hirschbirnen“ vinegar, a leading product of the Genussregion Pöllauer Hirschbirne gained the bronze medal.

Our Domestic Prune Plum Vinegar was assigned to the 4th rank, the Pear Cider Vinegar followed on the 5th rank.

We are really very happy that our Vinegar Specialities were honored in such a brought manner and could reach such good rankings this year again.


Front Cover GENUSS.magazin 2/2015Results Essig Award 2015 - GENUSS.magazin 2/2015