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Apple Cider – Sea Buckthorne VinegarApple Cider VinegarApple Cider – Scarlet Beebalm Vinegar

         Gold                            Silver                               Silver

Gold for our Apple Cider – Sea Buckthorne VinegarSilver for our "basis" Apple Cider Vinegar Silver for our Apple Cider – Scarlet Beebalm Vinegar

In 2012 we send three of our vinegars to the Alpen-Adria-Award 2012 at the Zogglhof in St.Paul/Lavanttal (Carinthia) for the first time ever. We accomplished the highest commendation in Gold for our Apple Cider - Sea Buckthorn Vinegar. So our idea to create a sweetish Drinking Vinegar, which makes one forget the sourish fruity taste of the Sea Buckthorn got highly honoured.

But also our pure  Apple Cider Vinegar, that is the basis for most of our other vinegars, like Herb and Spice Vinegars, Blossom Vinegars, Whole Fruit Vinegars and Drinking Vinegars, achieved the commendation in Silver. Just the slightly tart note of our base vinegar due to our harsh climate and the alpine rough pastures prevented another golden award.

The third, one of our Blossom Vinegars, our Apple Cider - Scarlet Beebalm Vinegar was also acknowledged with the award in Silver.

In summery we are very proud of the result of this award - three of our candidates won three awards.




Falstaff Apple Cider Vinegar Award 2012


Apple Cider Vinegar - naturally cloudyFalstaff-Magazine containing the resulsts of the degustation

        8th. Rank

Our Apple Cider Vinegar reached the 8th rank under 27 candidates at the blind tasting award of the Fallstaff Magazine performed by a top-class jury in april 2012, where several of the established producers were left behind us in the ranking list.

More details can be found on the following page: - Magazine 3/2012.